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ABCpdf has the ability to convert the HTML used in web pages into PDF format, complete with selectable text that will print out cleanly. Enter a URL in the box below and the web page will be converted into the PDF format, to fit in the specified rectangle. If the page is too long to fit you can choose to add extra pages to the document to accomodate them (but the preview on the left will only show the first page). This demonstration is limited to three pages, but, using ABCpdf yourself, you can can add as many as you like.

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Most web pages simply load and complete. However some web pages may not complete in a simple manner. For example graphs may draw themselves, maps may update, images may move. These are all features associated with more dynamic modern HTML and AJAX based pages.

When the page has finished loading we wait to see what drawing occurs. Each time the page updates - drawing occurs - we set a timer back to zero. If the timer reaches the repaint delay limit then we assume that the page has reached a ready state. At that point we convert it to PDF. If the total time exceeds the repaint timeout we assume that the page is never going to reach a ready state. At that point we convert whatever we have to PDF.

Repaint Delay  ms

Repaint Timeout  ms


The browser width property determines the virtual browser width when rendering HTML. When the browser width is zero the initial width is used as a minimum sensible width. The page may get wider to ensure that content is not clipped, however it will not get smaller than this value.

When the browser width is zero ABCpdf will attempt to automatically determine an appropriate size for the page. To do this it determines the scroll width and scroll height for the page. These are the dimensions which would need to be applied to the page to ensure that all content was displayed without the need to scroll.

Before these measurements are taken the page needs to be set to a default size. This value determines the width that is used.

Initial Width  pixels.

Browser Width  pixels


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Example Code

The code (without error handling) that would add your selected web page is: