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ABCUpload .NET is required for the upload image page. If it is not available then the upload image page will not work.To install a trial license open the ABCSettings Application located in the bin directory of this web site - this will automatically insert a trial license. Then simply refresh this page to ensure that the license has been picked up.

Using the buttons to the left you can add text, images and other graphics to your very own PDF document. You can choose to view the document in a browser window or download it to your computer for viewing. The actual document is dynamically generated and sent directly to your web browser - there are no files saved anywhere.

In this example website we limit the document to a single page to make it easy to see the changes you're making. However if you want to create larger documents it's only a few more lines of code!

If you're on a slow connection - do remember that as you add more and more to your document it will get larger. This is particularly true when you add images. As the document gets larger it will take longer to refresh. This doesn't mean that ABCpdf is taking longer - just that it's taking longer to send the document down the line to your browser.


Example Code

The code (without error handling) to create the PDF document that all the functions on the left act upon is:

using WebSupergoo.ABCpdf11; using WebSupergoo.ABCpdf11.Objects; using WebSupergoo.ABCUpload6; Doc theDoc = new Doc();